Current Needs

We are planning our trip back to the States and since our truck will most likely not be able to handle another trip we need help obtaining plane tickets. [More]Please pray that God provides for us in this area of need and if you or someone you know can help in any way, please let us know. [Less]

Since we will be on our annual visit to the States, we need people to help us find churches that are willing [More] to meet with us and hopefully give us time to speak during service. [Less]

As you may have already heard and/or read, our truck is not going to last much longer [More] and so we need to start making plans to get a new one. We are hoping to get another year out of it and so we are starting a fund to raise money for the purchase of a new one. We will be putting whatever we can into the fund on a monthly basis.[Less]

We are always looking for partners who have a passion for helping others and who will commit to help support our monthly budget. [More] We ask that you pray for God to put people in our path who are willing to make a monthly commitment to this ministry. [Less]

Current Projects

We are planning a breakfast for the pastors in our area. The breakfast will be on March 25th and will allow us to introduce ourselves and the ministry in hopes of reaching out farther with our ministries. Please pray for our success.

We are continuously working on lessons to teach Sunday School teacher of the local church with whom we partner.

We restarted construction of our ministry center in San Andrés Itzapa. We have also re-iniated the "Buy A Block" fundraiser to allow people to contribute to the effort. Please help us to complete this project this year.

How Can You Support

Nothing is possible without God and we acknowledge Him in everything we do. We firmly believe in the power of prayer, so please pray for our continued success.

  • Visit our Contact Page and sign up for our newsletter.
  • Write us regularly with ideas or questions.
  • Follow us and keep in touch with social media using the icons below.Volunteer on a short-term mission.
  • Introduce our ministry to as many people as you can. Perhaps we can speak at your church when we are in the States.